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Zamir Kabulov visited Kabul; Taliban government does not need to be recognized by the West and America


Zamir Kabulov visited Kabul

Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s special representative for Afghanistan affairs, met with Amir Khan Muttaqi acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Maulvi Abdul Kabir Deputy Prime Minister, and Taliban Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani on Tuesday, April 23rd, during an official visit to Kabul.

Kabulov’s visit to Kabul in the middle of numerous and contradictory speculations after the ISIS attack on Moscow, and his statements about all-round support for the Taliban, has important consequences and messages.

When Russia, China and some countries in the region support the Taliban, its government does not need being recognized by the West and the U.S, and their leverage on Taliban will be ineffective, in which case, the prospect of relations between the US and the West with the Taliban will be uncertain.

  • Zamir Kabulov visited Kabul

Despite the fact that some media and analysts had raised the issue of the possibility of Russia turning away from the Taliban after the ISIS attack on Moscow, Kabulov’s trip to Kabul and his meetings with some high-ranking officials of the Taliban and most importantly, his open statements about supporting the Taliban government showed that Russia fully supports the Taliban.

Zamir Kabulov visited Kabul and his meeting with Amir Khan Muttaqi, and his statements supporting the handing over of the UN seat to the Taliban, emphasize and confirm Russia’s political support for the Islamic Emirate of the Taliban, and his meeting with Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is a security official, shows that Moscow considers the Taliban as a security partner in the region.

Therefore, the point that Zamir Kabulov visited Kabul made it clear that Russia is currently fully supporting the Taliban and has opened a special account for the Taliban in terms of security cooperation and fighting ISIS.

  • Plans of the U.S and the West

The U.S defeat by the Taliban and the irresponsible and shameful withdrawal of this country from Afghanistan, severely humiliated not only the leaders of the White House but also the army and military forces of this country. For this reason, the governments of the United States and the West sanctioned the Taliban with pre-designed plans, and their media and press companies considered Taliban as supporters and collaborators of the ISIS, despite the fact that the Taliban were and are continuously at war with this terrorist group.

Based on pre-determined plans, the intelligence units of the Pentagon and their unpaid mercenaries, such as Pakistan, tried to strengthen terrorist groups, especially ISIS, under the cover of terrorism and attack from Kandahar and Shiraz to Kerman and Moscow and create security challenges in some parts of China, so that they can isolate the Taliban in the region, and make them submissive.

But Iran, Russia and others did not accuse the Taliban of supporting ISIS, and evil plans and schemes of the West and the U.S failed, and when Zamir Kabulov visited Kabul, his statements in Kabul clearly explained the regional governments’ awareness and understanding of the plans and programs of the West and the United States.

  • The Taliban government does not need to be recognized by the West and the U.S

In these few years, Taliban has established good relations with China, Russia, Iran and many countries in the region. Moscow had even previously warned the West to refrain from interfering in Afghanistan, and as mentioned, despite the Taliban being accused of cooperating with ISIS after an attack by this terrorist group on Moscow, Kabulov continued to emphasize Russia’s support for the Taliban.

China has also promised to invest in Afghanistan’s economy, especially in the production of basic resources, and the Taliban hopes to neutralize the effects of cutting off Western aid. Therefore, it is now clear that the Taliban has successfully created a network of allies that protects them from the pressure of Western condemnation.

According to what has been said, the Taliban has been able to connect the interests of Afghanistan with the interests of countries such as Iran, China, Russia and some countries in the region with diplomatic skills, and without having a seat in the United Nations, they have managed their affairs and have been able to confront the US sanctions and inhumane policies of Western countries.

The successes of the Taliban in the field of foreign policy and neutralizing the pressures of the West and the United States are admirable, but what the Taliban have not paid attention to until now, and will undoubtedly make them face serious challenges in the near future, is their indifference and lack of attention to the demands of women and the people of Afghanistan.

Therefore, it is better for the Taliban to adopt a policy of tolerance and integrity in the field of internal politics and interaction with the Afghan people, and strengthen the foundations of their Islamic Emirate system by ensuring the human rights of women and girls, paying attention to the demands of religious and ethnic minorities, and forming an inclusive government.

Zamir Kabulov visited Kabul
Zamir Kabulov visited Kabul to show Russia supports the Taliban

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