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ISIS, America’s sinister plan for Taliban


The weakness of the foundations of a country’s system can cause political turmoil and create various crises, which will ultimately lead to the collapse of the system itself. These systems collapse when they have no place among the people. We have seen a clear example of such systems in our own country, Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani’s government came into existence with the will of the White House and the people had no role in his election, which eventually disappeared because he did not have a popular base and he himself ran away. ISIS also emerged with the will of the White House.

  • ISIS, America’s plan against the Taliban

After the irresponsible withdrawal of America from Afghanistan, the Taliban were able to seize power and overthrow the republican system. The most important point in these changes was the unwillingness of the people to war, and with the arrival of the Taliban, the people of Afghanistan did not have any military reaction against this group, and they expected that the Taliban would be able to bring peace, comfort and settlement in the absence of America. What was not done in 20 years of the republic.

From the beginning of their rule, the Taliban made two main goals, one was to consolidate the foundations of a Sharia-based and popular system, and the other was to provide security. This means that the officials of this group said that they would form a people’s government and provide 100% security.

The White House, which was confused and saddened by the withdrawal and defeat from Afghanistan, did not give up and used ISIS as its proxy forces. ISIS was able to carry out many terrorist attacks, both for the purpose of making Afghanistan insecure and for the purpose of split and disagreement between the religions and ethnic groups of Afghanistan, but over time, it did not work, and the Taliban were able to hit ISIS to some extent in operations.

  • The presence of terrorist groups such as ISIS in Afghanistan

America had planted another seed for the Taliban to involve this group in crises, and that was the terrorist groups, especially the ISIS group. The Taliban, however, denied the presence of terrorist groups, and while they were in power, they denied ISIS in Afghanistan while they were fighting against ISIS.

Speaking at the Islamabad Center for Strategic Studies in Pakistan, Amir Khan Muttaghi, acting foreign minister of the Taliban, said: “There is not even a single terrorist group in Afghanistan. Saying that there are several terrorist groups in Afghanistan is propaganda. Find a terrorist group, not several terrorist groups. There is no group, they don’t even have an evidence to prove that. This is all an effort to discredit us.”

It was the same day that the media affiliated with the Taliban announced that they had killed the deputy of the ISIS-K in Bagrami, Kabul. Also recently, the security sources from Badakhshan province confirmed that two people, including Maulvi Nisar Ahmad, deputy and acting official of Badakhshan province, died and six others were injured in an explosion in this province. Hours later, the ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the explosion.

All this clearly proved that the ISIS terrorist group is present in Afghanistan and even the countries of the region had and still have concerns in this regard.

Taliban always denies the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan
  • What is America’s sinister plan for the Taliban?

It can be said for sure that America was not able to be as successful as it should have been by using ISIS. In the discussion of the establishment of an inclusive government, the US sometimes considered it a condition for recognizing the Taliban, and sometimes bypassed it and brought up the issue of women.

America is trying very hard to isolate the Taliban and in this way to bypass the precondition of an inclusive government so that this government does not form in Afghanistan and creates a gap between the nation and the government and the countries of the region also destroy their support and relations with the Taliban.

When this task is fulfilled for America, it will isolate the Taliban and give life to ISIS once again by using the means of pressure, in a situation where neither the people of Afghanistan nor the countries of the region support the Taliban.

Undoubtedly, the main goal of America is to set the entire region on fire, but the political and geographical situation of Afghanistan is in a way that in order to set the region on fire, they have to pass through a gate called Afghanistan. If such a thing is done, the first victim will surely be the Taliban government and Afghanistan will face the most severe crises.

ISIS, America’s plan to put the whole region on fire
  • Final words

It is inevitable that the Taliban is a part of the Afghan people who were deliberately denied by the United States in the Bonn Conference, and that America is both the enemy of the Taliban and the enemy of the other Afghan people, but it should be clear that the Taliban is not the representatives of the entire people of Afghanistan.

The issue of forming an inclusive government is not a big demand from the people of Afghanistan, but a demand for a right, a right that should be given to them.

People say to form an inclusive government, put the real representatives of the people in it, and the countries of the region and the world rely on the same principle and demand and consider it as a condition for their recognition.

On the other hand, the only way to overcome crises is the formation of an inclusive government by the Taliban, and there is no alternative option.

It is necessary for the Taliban to accept the truth of the presence of ISIS and fight against it, instead of deceiving Afghan people and countries of the world.

On the other hand, the current rulers should form an inclusive government as soon as possible and not the thieves and fugitives of yesterday, including the real representatives of the people in the government. They ought to save Afghanistan from the conspiracies of America. Monopoly never works and on the contrary, it weakens the foundations of the system.


Elyas Ahmadi is an Afghan Expert

Translator: Mohsen Shahrafiee

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