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operation Al_Aqsa storm, A legitimate response to more than 70 years of oppression


operation Al_Aqsa storm

On Saturday morning (October 7), heavy resistance rocket and missile attacks targeted the Zionist settlements in Gaza Strip, and “Mohammed Al-Dzeif”, the commander of Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, announced the beginning of the “operation Al-Aqsa Storm.”

Muhammad Al-Dzeif released a recorded message saying the Palestinian militant group had targeted the enemy positions, airports and military positions with 5000 rockets.

Israeli media outlets report that more than 900 settlers and troops have been killed, with over 2600 others injured as a result.

In an statement Hamas said: “Operation Al-Aqsa storm is a legitimate right for our people to defend themselves, their land, and their sanctities, in light of the continued aggression of the occupation and the silence and failure of the world to put an end to its escalating terrorism, and its denial of all the rights of our people and their aspirations to liberate their land and achieve a return to it.”

Yaakov Amidror, the former internal security adviser of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said: “This is a big failure. This operation actually proves that the intelligence capabilities in Gaza were not good.” This is a confession on admitting a big failure!

  • operation Al_Aqsa storm, a point to be recorded in history

It has been more than 70 years that such passion of the Palestinian youth has not been seen. These days have been recorded in history as “the most humiliating days for Israel after 70 years”.

Following the terror and surprise of the Israeli regime from the operation Al_Aqsa storm by the Palestinian resistance forces, American officials have announced that they will support this regime, and in the first 24 hours of this war and the mutual attacks of the parties, US President Joe Biden talked twice with the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Old friends who claim to rule the whole world are struggling with fear to find a way to get out of this mess.

operation Al_Aqsa storm
operation Al_Aqsa storm can be recorded in history as the most humiliating day for Israel after 70 years
  • operation Al_Aqsa storm achievements

The most important achievements of “operation Al_Aqsa storm” can be considered as it follows:

1) Humiliating the intelligence and military power of Zionist regime: Reports indicate that Israeli officials admitted their intelligence weakness. The reaction of the supporters of Zionism is full of disappointment and astonishment. In the Zionist and Western media, the weakness of information and Israel’s military defeat have been reflected, including the reaction of the editor of the Zionist publication “Jewish Chronicle”, the reporter of Israel’s Channel 14, the Fox News report, and the BBC reporter Nafiseh Kohnavard and Shabnam Shababi.

2) clarifying the unity of the Palestinian resistance groups for the world: “Operation Al_Aqsa Storm” invalidated many claims that were made about the disputes among the Palestinian resistance groups. All these groups supported the attack of Hamas and spoke about the unity of the word and the existence of coordination between the resistance movements.

3) The importance of Palestinian rights for Islamic countries: Examining the reactions of the authorities of Islamic countries and Islamic resistance movements around the world shows that defending and respecting the rights of the Palestinian people is important for Islamic countries and they are united in defending and supporting the rights of the Palestinian people. To understand this issue, it is enough to look at the statements of the foreign ministers of countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and the announcement of the Taliban for the rights of the Palestinian people and the Hamas resistance movement.

4) The disappointment of the countries that support the Zionist regime: The study of the policy of the countries supporting the Zionist regime shows that these countries are disappointed with the Zionist regime and it is not unlikely that we will witness a fundamental revision of the policy of these countries towards Israel after this failure.

In any case, the resistance front has demonstrated a new generation of irregular and hybrid warfare with the implementation of the Operation Al_Aqsa Storm, which has been able to be successful against advanced armor and intelligence equipment.

The resistance front will have new surprises for its enemies and will seriously confront the Zionists with great challenges. A comprehensive support by the Islamic countries is required to continue this holy path and annihilate Zionism eternally.


Mohsen Shahrafiee


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