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Kerman terror attack: innocence, the victim of ignorance


Kerman terror attack: innocence, the victim of ignorance

Terror attacks are condemned all over the world, specially when it comes to innocent people who are not involved in the world of politics. On January 3, 2024, the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of General Qassem Soleimani, two terrorist explosions took place in Kerman, Iran, as a result of which more than 200 people, including women and children, were martyred and injured.

Head of Kerman emergency department pointed out that the total number of injured people in the terrorist incident in Kerman was 284 people with 94 people martyred including 15 Afghans.

This bloody attack was met with a wave of global condemnation, as various countries and international organizations, while condemning these explosions, emphasized the decisive fight against terrorism. But actions speak louder than words.

  • Afghan martyrs of Kerman terror attack

Mohammad Jalalifard, General Director of the Public Relations Department of the National Migration Organization of Iran said that, “14 Afghan nationals were martyred and 19 others were injured in Kerman terror attack.

Jalali added, “6 of the injured are hospitalized and the rest of the injured were discharged from hospital. But what were Afghans doing on that special day in Kerman?

The answer is not much complicated. The people of Afghanistan have experienced war and destruction for more than four decades. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, the civil wars and the two decades of American and Western presence in Afghanistan have left the worst experiences in the memories of the Afghan people.

However, the worst period of life for Afghans was from 2001 to 2021, when daily suicide attacks and explosions had made Afghanistan one of the most insecure countries of the world.

The invisible and unknown enemy threatened the lives of Afghans every moment. Therefore, the one who bravely fought against this enemy and cut off the hand of this monster from countless borders and territories, was undoubtedly beloved by Afghans.

For this reason, despite the problems that Afghan immigrants have in Iran, they admire Sardar Soleimani with love and sincerity, and mourned on the anniversary of his martyrdom. The martyrs of Afghanistan in the tragedy of Kerman province proves this fact.

Kerman terror attack
Afghan martyrs of Kerman terror attack shows Iran and Afghanistan’s closeness
  • Tajik terrorists of Kerman terror attack

The presence of Tajik nationals in Kerman terror attack is significant. According to experts, Tajik nationals are part of ISIS forces, and this terrorist group is active against all countries, including Tajikistan itself.

A statement published by Iran’s intelligence ministry identified one of the two bombers as a 24-year-old citizen of Tajikistan named Bazirov Israeli and said he received several months of training at ISIS camp in Badakhshan that borders Tajikistan.

Tajikistan has a secular system and Tajik President Emamali Rahmonov is basically a remnant of the same Marxist movement that held power during the Soviet Union and now a radical Islamic trend is active in Tajikistan. Therefore, ISIS can easily recruit from countries like Tajikistan.

The presence of America’s footprints in all terrorist incidents in Islamic countries

The way the U.S interacts with the phenomenon called terrorism reinforces the belief that the U.S is involved in all terrorist events in Islamic countries, especially countries in the region.

The recent terrorist incident of Kerman province of Iran is also not unrelated to America and Mossad. What strengthens this claim is the approach of media affiliated with the U.S and Israel.

After this terrorist attack, affiliated media such as Iran International, Afghanistan International, Independent Farsi, Voice of America, BBC and others tried to attribute this crime to Afghan nationals or say that it originated in Afghanistan or said that Afghanistan was used as a transit route for suicide bombers.

Such efforts, which are done against all the evidence, clearly show that the U.S and the Zionist regime are unhappy with the good relations between Afghanistan and Iran and are trying to create a gap between the two friendly and neighboring nations by using the tools of terrorism.

Therefore, it is up to the governments of Afghanistan and Iran to thwart the enemy’s intrigues by providing accurate information, and the intelligent people of Afghanistan and Iran should not be fooled by the tricks of the enemy and should deal with such issues and incidents wisely.

Kerman terror attack
American footprint is in Kerman terror attack and all terrorist attack in Islamic countries of the region

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