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General Soleimani, the Symbol of Anti-Terrorism


While the Americans were pursuing several goals of the assassination of General Soleimani, the developments went against their expectations, and 4 years after the martyrdom of this great resistance commander, we are witnessing opposite equations with the interests of the American-Zionist axis in the region.

  • General Soleimani and the balance of power in the region

General Soleimani went to Syria at a sensitive, shocking and unprecedented moment in the contemporary history of Syria and at the height of a very dangerous regional conflict.

The Syrian war revealed the high volume of interventions by foreigners and international powers on the conflict in the region. In the meantime, Sardar Soleimani is one of the symbols of the Syrian-Iranian coalition and one of the elements of strength and stability in this coalition, and his presence in the battlefields with Takfiri terrorists in Syria proves that the stability and security of Syria is at the top of Iran’s foreign policy priorities.

  • General Soleimani’s view and approach

The assassination of sardar Soleimani clarified several points: First, it reveals the role of this great resistance commander in the policies and security strategy of the resistance.

Another important point is that targeting General Soleimani by American terrorists and their allies is an acknowledgment of his important role in defeating terrorism in the region.

Also, after General Soleimani’s martyrdom, it became clear that not only the purpose of Sardar Soleimani’s assassination has not been achieved, but Iran and the entire axis of resistance continue his anti-terrorism strategy with greater strength.

  • General Soleimani; The basis of the fight against terrorism in the region

General Soleimani considered action against American hegemony in the region to be the basis of “jihad and fight against oppression and terrorism”, especially in the tense conditions of the region which has been influenced by Western policies.

According to Sardar Soleimani, the principle of the “resistance coalition” is that all members of this axis should act as if they live together and want the same thing together.

With this approach, Sardar Soleimani was not just a leader or commander to manage military or political affairs in Syria and the region; Rather, he believed in what he was doing as an effort of faith and a duty on behalf of the axis of resistance.

In General Soleimani’s point of view, what the people of the region should do is to take control of their own affairs and eliminate the state of fear and submission to the West and the autocratic regimes.

General Soleimani
General Soleimani
  • General Soleimani’s presence and role in Afghanistan

General Soleimani’s presence in Afghanistan dates back to the period of the Afghan people’s jihad against the Soviet Union. At that time, extensive cooperation took place and the Islamic Republic of Iran gave a lot of help to the jihadist forces and stood by the Mujahideen, both Shia and Sunni, in various strongholds in the north, south and center of Afghanistan. These were in addition to the help they gave to the Afghan people to have a better life.

Sardar Soleimani even participated in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Afghanistan needed a constructive transformation after the destruction and war and bloodshed, and the role of Sardar Soleimani was actually quite clear. Whenever there was a problem, whether in construction or in different places, he took the initiative. Therefore, Afghan leaders had special respect for him.

He participated and played a role in many projects in Afghanistan. The construction of Doqaron-Herat transit road, which is of great importance for Afghanistan, and the construction of the railway are all of Sardar Soleimani’s actions in Afghanistan. Even building a hospital in Afghanistan has been one of the very important steps taken by General Soleimani in this country.

General Soleimani represented a regional and international phenomenon in the fight against oppression and terrorism. Resistance is a principle of humanity and faith and Sardar Soleimani’s approach and his school of jihad will spread and continue not only in the region but all over the world and no one can stop it.


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