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Afghanistan and Ukraine, How the United States betrayed them


Afghanistan and Ukraine, How the United States betrayed them

The U.S has betrayed different countries and people throughout history. Since the 1990s, all the tragedies that have occurred in the world and the Middle East have been resulted from America’s catastrophic betrayals. The current destroyed world, millions of dead and wounded and hundreds of millions of hungry and displaced people all over the world, is the result of three decades of America’s greediness for power. Afghanistan and Ukraine are clear examples of America’s disastrous betrayals.

Ukraine suffered the sad fate of Afghanistan. This was the worst possible scenario for Ukraine. But it was a real scenario. Because Zelensky left the fate of Ukraine in the hands of the U.S in a stupid deal.

The current destroyed Ukraine is the result of the country’s leaders not paying attention to what happened in Afghanistan. When the Ukraine leaders did not pay attention to what the U.S did in Afghanistan and were pleased with the propaganda of the Western and American media, they finally had to pay the price.

In the current situation, when Ukraine has been destroyed as a result of America’s disastrous betrayals, like Afghanistan, and all the infrastructure and resources of this country have been destroyed, it is necessary to analyze and investigate the contemporary and living betrayals of the U.S so that the leaders of the countries of the region and the world may learn a lesson and show courage and find a way to prevent America’s sinister plans.

Afghanistan and Ukraine
Afghanistan and Ukraine have been betrayed by the U.S
  • America’s catastrophic betrayals to Afghanistan and Ukraine

For half a century, America has intervened in countries that have nothing to do with it under the pretext of protecting human rights, institutionalizing democratic values, and providing equality and freedom.

But America’s intervention and aggression from Vietnam to Afghanistan, Arab countries (Mediterranean coast) and Ukraine has brought nothing but destruction, and displacement.

Right now, millions of people have been killed and are dying in Asia and Africa, and hundreds of millions of people who have become displaced and homeless are the result of America’s policies of intervention and occupation. After World War II (1945), the U.S was able to appear as a superpower with media propaganda and influence in the European continent.

The rise of the United States as a superpower in the international system through intervention and betrayal in the affairs of far and near countries, made the promise and conspiracy to commit “treason” one of the main and dominant elements in the foreign policy of the United States. For this reason, all the countries that have been under the domination and influence of the U.S, finally tasted the bitter taste of American betrayal at different times.

With the end of World War II and the formation of the United Nations, all countries gave up interventionist and occupation policies and adhered to the commitments they had made. However, although the U.S had made many commitments, it treacherously started interfering and influencing the affairs of many countries.

From 1945 to 1955, although the movements and activities of the United States were strongly against the commitments of this country, the troubled and tired world of the Second World War ignored the numerous violations of the Americans.

Finally, in 1955, the U.S took advantage of the world’s silence and neglect and created the East and West bloc by military intervention in the affairs of Vietnam. Because the peaceful and stable world would not accept America’s sovereignty under any circumstances. For this reason, tension and conflict were considered vital for America.

From 1955 to 1990, for more than three decades, the U.S humiliated and betrayed its allies and forgot its commitments. But because the world did not want tension and conflict, they gave up on any kind of betrayal of America. Finally, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, it became clear that no country was willing to get involved in conflict.

The countries’ lack of interest in war and bloodshed was, in fact, the unwanted and extremely shameful death of America. This situation had made the leaders of the White House and the Pentagon bored. For this reason, since the early 1990s, the strategy of creating terrorism as a potential enemy of the whole world was launched by the Pentagon.

Pentagon needed companions from all over the world to implement this project. For this reason, Saudi Arabia and some Arab countries were chosen as Asian partners, Germany and France as European partners, and finally, Britain was chosen as a reliable partner by the Pentagon.

The manpower of the “terrorism” project was provided with the help of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan from among the Islamic radicals, the financial and weapons resources of this project were also provided by the Arab countries and the United States, and after ten years of research, Afghanistan was chosen as a suitable place for the growth and manifestation of this project.

For this reason, the US attacked Afghanistan with various pretexts since 2001 and took over this country for 20 years, and despite numerous commitments and agreements, it committed the biggest betrayal against the people of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, as a country betrayed by the U.S, is the best and clearest example of America’s commitments and promises. Those who do not learn from the fate of Afghanistan and the destruction of this country by the catastrophic betrayals of America, under no circumstances deserve to lead any society and any government. Zelensky did not learn from the tragic fate of Afghanistan and pushed Ukraine to the brink of war in the shadow of propaganda and rumors devoid of reality.

Afghanistan and Ukraine
Afghanistan and Ukraine: Afghanistan, as a country betrayed by the U.S, is the best and clearest example of America’s commitments and promises
  • Ukraine is trapped by Zelensky and America’s catastrophic betrayals

Zelensky was deceived by America’s game and this game cost the complete destruction of Ukraine. In addition to the fact that the Ukrainian officials did not pay attention to the goals of the United States and NATO, they also did not learn from the tragic fate of Afghanistan. Because of this, destruction became the inevitable fate of the Ukrainian nation.

Due to the numerous mistakes of the Ukrainian authorities, the entire existence of this country has been destroyed and currently Ukraine is deserted and remains a war-torn and ruined place that seems to have been the heart of all countries’ wars. President Zelensky and other leaders of this country must admit that they made mistakes. They should not make their country a victim of American policies and goals.

Now that Ukraine has turned into a ruin and America has betrayed Zelensky and the Ukrainian nation, the compassionate leaders and officials of this country need a logical and rational plan and strategy. Because if Ukraine waits longer for America’s commitments and promises to be implemented, the disaster in this country will become more intense and deeper.

Considering America’s heinous betrayals in Afghanistan, it can be said with certainty that Ukraine has fallen out of the news and no one in the White House or the Pentagon pays attention to the tragic news of this country. Therefore, the Ukrainian authorities need a “B” plan to prevent the continued destruction of their country.

Ukrainian forces are not well-equipped and trained, and on the other hand, American betrayal has limited their weapons and financial resources. The dire situation of the Ukrainian fronts is clearly visible, and it is believed that the Ukrainian authorities have also realized the cruel fact that America and the West do not care about the lives, property and land of Ukraine.

What Ukrainians need is peace, not a protracted war of attrition against an enemy that is not their enemy. Putin is not hostile to Ukraine, the West and the U.S threaten Russia’s interests and Putin has to defend his interests.

In the meantime, the Ukrainian people are trying to attack Putin instead of America and the West at the cost of their lives. This does not make sense at all. Therefore, it is logical for the Ukrainian nation and the patriotic officials of this country not to fight with Putin instead of the U.S and the West and follow peaceful paths. Because America has betrayed and Zelensky’s dream and fantasy about the collapse of the Russian army is also not true at all.

With each day passed, Ukraine will suffer more. Putin is in no rush to negotiate. Because he is on the path that every wise person follows to protect the interests of his country. Now it is up to the authorities of Ukraine to avoid being victimized more and protect their country’s interests through negotiations. Afghanistan and Ukraine are victims of the U.S, but more destruction can be stopped.

Afghanistan and Ukraine
Ukrainians must learn from Afghanistan’s experience of trusting the U.S

Bismillah Khattak is an Afghan Analyst

Translator: Mohsen Shahrafiee


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