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Tahir Zahir joining the Taliban


Four and a half decades of war in Afghanistan have proven that problems, crises and dissatisfactions have no military solution and only agreements and dialogues can overcome all these challenges.

Recently, Tahir Zahir, the former governor of Bamyan and the acting minister of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the republican government, who was in line with Maulvi Mahdi and acted against the Taliban after his death, surrendered to the Taliban and said in an interview that war is not the solution and that all parties should chose dialogue and peace over conflict.

  • Why did Tahir Zahir stop military actions?

There are many analyzes about why Tahir Zahir joined the Taliban, but what can be said in this regard is that he understood that war and resistance are not the solution to Afghanistan’s problems and only lead to bloodshed and destruction.

His and Maulvi Mahdi’s resistance in Balkhab proved this very well, because in addition to the death of a number of people, hundreds of people became displaced and homeless, leaving a negative impact on the lives of ordinary people.

Tahir Zahir
Tahir Zahir stopped military resistance and surrendered to the Taliban
  • The international community, against resistance in Afghanistan

Neighboring countries and the international community have repeatedly declared that they do not support armed movements in Afghanistan. Recently, Thomas Nicholson, the EU’s special representative in Afghanistan, announced that Europe does not support any armed resistance in Afghanistan.

Most importantly, the people of Afghanistan were not in favor of war and hope that peace will be ensured in the country. This means that when a movement or group does not benefit from popular support and foreign financial support, it will not go anywhere and failure will be its inevitable fate.

Tahir Zahir
International community against armed movements in Afghanistan
  • Rhetorical resistance of exiled leaders from abroad

It can be said for sure that when Zahir and others like him see that the exiled leaders are living abroad with their families in the most luxurious houses and claim opposition and resistance against the Taliban on Facebook and social media, and they are displaced in the mountains and deserts, they come to the conclusion that these exiled figures are a number of traders who chant such slogans only for themselves and their goals, while they do not have any external support.

  • Tahir Zahir and the strategy of non-violence

As mentioned, after the Taliban came to power, the people of Afghanistan, especially the Shiites, took the option of peace and dialogue and realized that war and militarism are not the solution to the country’s problems. This strategy, which can be called the “non-violence” strategy, has been successful and acceptable, and the neighboring countries and the world have also agreed with it.

Tahir Zahir’s joining the Taliban is exactly the path of this strategy that violence is not the solution, but dialogue is the best option to end problems. He has also mentioned this in an interview and asked all involved parties to stop fighting.

Tahir Zahir
In an interview, Tahir Zahir asked all parties to stop fighting
  • Expectations from the Taliban

When Tahir Zahir surrendered to the Taliban, he would expect nothing but peace and security in Afghanistan and all ethnic groups and groups to participate in the government. Afghans have repeatedly emphasized and asked the Taliban to form an inclusive government so that the problems can be solved and they all find themselves in a national and democratic government.

The countries of the region and the world have repeatedly called the establishment of an inclusive government by the Taliban as a condition for recognizing the Taliban government. Now it is Taliban leaders’ turn to respond to these demands and form a government that Afghan people, neighboring countries and the world want and demand.

The monopoly of power must be destroyed and the existing opportunity must be used, because not paying attention to these demands will not only lead to people’s dissatisfaction, but may also cause a change in the policy of regional and extra-regional countries, which will cause a crisis.

Tahir Zahir
Tahir Zahir chose non-violence strategy
  • Tahir Zahir’s action, moving towards peace and away from bloodshed

The last word is that Tahir Zahir’s surrender or joining the Taliban is a good and praiseworthy act as he said no to war and bloodshed and took the option of peace. For sure, Afghanistan’s problems will be solved through negotiation and dialogue, and the parties who are resisting today should understand that the current conditions in Afghanistan require dialogue between the parties and provide real peace with an acceptable mechanism.

War and conflicts will result in civil wars in which Afghans remember the dark days of the past and know that civil war means the destruction of Afghanistan and there will be no winner. Those who shout opposition and resistance from outside the country, are only making deals for their own benefit and they do not care if there will be a civil war or destruction to the people.



Elyas Ahmadi is an Afghan Expert

Translator: Mohsen Shahrafiee

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