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The killers of Gaza children were caught in the Yemen swamp


The killers of Gaza children 

For several months now, Israel has been continuously massacring women, children and civilians in Gaza. The Zionist regime has committed such crimes and atrocities in Gaza that are beyond human imagination. The horrifying pictures of dead bodies make everyone hate such a murderer regime.

The pictures and videos of Gaza published on social networks have had such a deep and profound impact that during this time that the war is going on in Gaza, the capitals of most countries in the world are also restless and involved in the demonstrations. To the extent that Israel’s war against the Palestinians has continued, nationwide demonstrations have also continued.

The brave resistance of the Palestinian people against the child-killing regime of Zionism, has pushed Israel into isolation and global rejection, and has also introduced the supporters and collaborators of the killers of Gaza children. The countries that continuously supported the child-killing Zionist regime during this period and caused the massacre of thousands of Palestinian children, have also attacked Yemen to prevent the collapse and destruction of the Israeli regime.

According to what has been said, in this article, we try to introduce the killers of Gaza children in a reasoned way and explain their fate, who are now buried in the swamp of Yemen.

  • The killers of Gaza children

In the Gaza war, Israel’s child-killing regime has committed crimes that outnumbered all the crimes of human history. However; Observers and analysts firmly believe that if the U.S and the West did not support Israel and they did not participate in this violent and inhuman show in Gaza, the child-killing Zionist regime would never have been able to carry out so much violence and terror.

Nevertheless; The leaders of the White House, London and Western countries tried to present themselves as supporters of human rights with statements devoid of reality.

Although no one believed the words and statements of Americans and Westerners, an attack by the United States and Britain with the support of five other countries on Yemen, removed all doubts and showed that they are among the supporters of Zionism, and the killers of Gaza children are involved in the massacre of more than 17 thousand Palestinian children and babies. Therefore, it is now clearly proved that the U.S, Britain and the West are supporters and collaborators of Israel’s child-killing regime.

killers of Gaza children
killers of Gaza children pretend to be human rights defenders!
  • The killers of Gaza children in the Yemen swamp

Israel’s genocide and unprecedented crimes in Gaza have caused the child-killing Zionist regime to be highly hated and rejected by the world public. Therefore, right now, we can see the collapse and destruction of this inhumane and child-killing regime. Not only the writer of this article, but the majority of observers and analysts firmly believe that Israel will have no place in the Middle East after the end of the Gaza war.

Although the Gaza war is the start of the end of Israel’s child-killing regime, the American-Western leaders continue to support and give artificial respiration to this regime. But this regime will not last long.

However, the relations between the U.S, the West and Israel are such that it shows they are all tied to the same rope, and whoever falls, the others will also fall down the valley.

In such a way that after the American and British attacks on Yemen, which were carried out in order to support the child-killing regime of Israel, it can be seen that these two countries, which are considered to be of the superpowers of the world, have also suffered the fate of Israel and the swamp of Yemen will drag them down.

Demonstrators in the United States, two days after the American attack on Yemen, were shouting in front of the White House that ” Joe Biden has blood on his hands” and “Let Gaza live”.

They were throwing bloody dolls towards the White House in memory of the 17,000 children who were victims of the Gaza war, and on the same date in London, where 1,700 police members were monitoring the marchers from London’s business center to Westminster, millions of people protested against the government of this country and people shouted extremely angry slogans against the British government.

This is despite the fact that even the western media and American intelligence agencies admit that the attacks of the United States and the United Kingdom have had no effect on Yemen’s military capability and that they (the Yemenis) are still the unconditional rulers of the sea and the land.

In such a situation where the United States and Britain, along with Israel, are considered to be among the most hated regimes in the world and their struggle has no effect, it is well proven that the killers of Gaza children are stuck in the swamp of Yemen, and global isolation will finally destroy them.

Therefore, it can be said that the United States, the United Kingdom and several other countries that have supported their attacks on Yemen, along with Israel, are the main the killers of Gaza children, who are now hated by the international community and severely isolated.

The global isolation and hatred of the nations of the world towards these regimes, along with Israel, is considered the beginning of the gradual death of each of these governments, which sooner or later we will see the possibility of collapse and destruction or at least severe weakness of each of them.

killers of Gaza children
killers of Gaza children will be caught in isolation

Ayesha Babrak Khel is an Afghan Analyst

Translator: Mohsen Shahrafiee

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