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The US support for terrorist groups; playing with the terrorism card!


The history of the US support for terrorist groups dates back to the late 70s and early 80s. Since then, the policy of supporting terrorist groups has replaced the direct presence of the United States in terrorist operations. Perhaps the beginning of this type of policy can be seen as Jimmy Carter’s executive order in 1979.

In this order, Carter allows the CIA to provide direct assistance to terrorist groups to attack the Soviet Union. After that, the Americans have started dual use of terrorism. On the one hand, they have made terrorist groups a means of achieving their political and economic goals, and on the other hand, they justify their military aggression under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

  • US support for terrorist groups

The primary base of most of the terrorist groups active in Asian and African countries goes back to Washington, of which examples are mentioned below:

America’s role in emergence of Al-Qaeda

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the formation of jihadi groups against it, the United States through Pakistan provided financial support and weapons to the jihadi groups residing in Pakistan and the most radical Takfiri elements, which was the beginning of the formation of the Takfiri and terrorist movement called Al-Qaeda.

It is believed that the founder of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, had extensive relations with the American economic, political and military institutions and was supported in this way.

Cowley wrote: “Osama bin Laden, with his Wahhabi reputation and the activities of the bin Laden company, was considered by the Saudi intelligence services and the CIA to be the ideal person to play a leadership role. A role that he himself was preparing to play.”

America’s role in the emergence of ISIS

ISIS emerged in Iraq and Syria and then in Afghanistan with the direct support and planning of the United States and the Zionist regime, US’ strategic partner. This is a matter that is stated in the American government documents and the government officials of this country have admitted to it.

In the so-called Partition Plan, which was approved as a law in Congress in 2006 to prevent the complete defeat of the United States in Iraq, it was stated that Iraq should be divided into three autonomous regions, Kurdish, Shia, and Sunni, under the supervision of a central government in Baghdad.

Leslie H. Goleb, the former head of Council on Foreign Relations, explained to the representatives that “Washington should call the foreign supporters of the Sunni extremists in Iraq to cooperate.” He goes on to say, “As long as the American army is present in Iraq, there will not be strong rebellions, and America is obliged to deal with them, so to make the waves bigger, we need to bring back the army. Most of the project will be carried out by the extremist forces of the region.”

There is no doubt that the formation of ISIS in Iraq after the US withdrawal from this country is actually the implementation of this plan. In the revelations of Edward Snowden, the former employee of the American national security, the direct role of the United States, England and Israel in the creation of ISIS is also mentioned. Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State of the US government, also mentioned in her memoir titled “Hard Choices” that ISIS was created by the US with the aim of dividing the Middle East.

America’s role in the creation of Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front)

In order to put more pressure on the Syrian government, the United States supported all the terrorist groups involved in the government of Bashar al-Assad, including Jabhat al-Nusra, the branch of al-Qaeda in this country.

Both the information published by the Syrian government and the confessions of American officials confirm this issue. In an interview with Al Jazeera TV channel, Michael Flynn, the former head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, said clearly and bluntly: “The US deliberately played a role in the creation and leadership of terrorist groups such as ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and the branch of the Al-Qaeda organization in Syria and supporting these groups against the Syrian government.”

The US and its allies such as England and the Zionist regime have tried to challenge the security of the countries of the region by using terrorist groups on the one hand, and on the other hand, by strengthening terrorist groups and igniting wars, they have boosted their arms sales market and on the third side, the chaos created as a result of the wars provides access to the natural and mineral resources of these warring countries for countries like the United States. Therefore, it can be said that the US support for terrorist groups has political goals and economic goals are also pursued in strengthening these groups.

US support for terrorist groups
US support for terrorist groups and its role in creating them has a long history
  • Using the name of “Terrorism” to justify the military aggression and state terrors of the United States

In addition to using the destructive power of terrorist groups and directing these groups in line with political and economic goals, the US has always justified its military aggression against other countries and state assassinations under the title of fighting terrorism.

America’s military aggression against Afghanistan, direct interventions in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and recently in Palestine have been carried out under the same name.

But the truth is that the fight against terrorism is nothing more than a show title and America is pursuing its political, security and economic goals and US support for terrorist groups is undeniable. To better understand this issue, it is enough to analyze the 20-year presence of the US in Afghanistan or to study its policy towards the situation in Syria, Yemen and Palestine.

The US attacked Afghanistan with the slogan of destroying al-Qaeda; But after 20 years, not only Al-Qaeda was not eradicated, but other terrorist groups such as ISIS also strengthened day by day in this country and the US left the people of Afghanistan in the mire of crises.

  • The presence of America’s footprints in all terrorist incidents in Islamic countries

The way the US interacts with the phenomenon called terrorism reinforces the belief that there are traces of America in all terrorist and anti-security events in Islamic countries, especially countries in the region.

The anti-security events that occur today in Afghanistan and generally target ethnic and religious groups, are undoubtedly carried out by the order of the United States and the Zionist regime in order to create disunity and division between the Afghan people.

The recent terrorist incident in Kerman province of Iran is also not unrelated to America and Mossad. What strengthens this claim is the approach of media affiliated with America and Israel.

After this terrorist attack, affiliated media such as Iran International, Afghanistan International, Independent Farsi, Voice of America, BBC and others tried to attribute this crime to citizens of Afghanistan or say that it originated in Afghanistan or said that Afghanistan was used as a transit route for suicide bombers.

Such efforts and US support for terrorist groups clearly show that America and the usurping Zionist regime are not happy with the good relations between Afghanistan and Iran and are trying to use the tools of terrorism to create a gap between the two friendly and neighboring nations. Therefore, it is up to the governments of Afghanistan and Iran to thwart the enemy’s intrigues by providing accurate information.

It is also up to the intelligent people of Afghanistan and Iran not to be deceived by the enemy’s tricks and deal with these types of cases wisely.

US support for terrorist groups
US support for terrorist groups is clear and the presence of America’s footprints can be seen in all terrorist incidents in Islamic countries


Sardar Akhlaqizadah is an Afghan Analyst

Translator: Mohsen Shahrafiee


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