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The United States at war against the entire people of Gaza


The United States at war against the entire people of Gaza

As of 25 December, 22,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Israel–Hamas war, including more than 7,700 children, according to Gaza authorities.

UNICEF said that this is a war going on against children. The West called the same events in Ukraine genocide with double standards. But in relation to the crimes committed by the U.S and Israel in Gaza, the European Union has ignored them.

Because the US and the Israelis have said that this is a war against the entire population of Gaza and they want to evict two million residents of Gaza, and the US has actually perpetuated the barbaric crime by vetoing all the resolutions and preventing countries from sending aid to Gaza. In such a situation, what is the solution and what should the world do?

  • People of Gaza, direct victims of an American war

The people of Gaza are being bombarded by Israel with American money and bombs. The amount of suffering in Gaza is unimaginable. This human disaster is caused by the indiscriminate bombings that are carried out with bombs and American money. This is something that almost everyone in the world knows and is aware of.

In addition to the fact that the people of Gaza are killed by American bombs and weapons, the United States vetoes every UN resolution against Israel without any shame or moral and human consideration, and all the security and military institutions of the White House in any way are trying to continue and intensify the crimes against the people of Gaza.

As White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said: “We agree with Israel that the war would last for months.”

In terms of international law, Israel is an occupying regime and in terms of human rights institutions, it is an apartheid government. Tel Aviv is the greatest enemy of all human values.

However, the United States is supporting Israel in the war against the entire people of Gaza to continue the human tragedy and the killing of Gaza civilians, and openly supports it in preventing aid from being sent to Gaza.

people of Gaza
US and Israel, hand in hand to eliminate the people of Gaza
  • What should the world do against the US and in support of the people of Gaza?

This war is actually an American war. When the bombs and weapons, programs and plans, support and cooperation are from the United States, the Zionist regime only works as mercenaries and implements American programs devoid of any humanitarian qualities towards the people of Gaza.

Although this issue will never reduce the burden of responsibility for the crimes and brutalities of the child-killing regime in Tel Aviv, but the leading role and main evil in this game is the US.

Right now, the US is trying to prolong the war in Gaza as much as possible and they will find the opportunity to massacre as many civilians as possible.

Therefore, the world should take action against this bloody American program and not let Palestinian children be dragged to the ground and blood any more.

The United States is the main cause and designer of the ongoing bloodshed, and for this reason, protests against this child-killing regime have not led to any legal or international action so far.

people of Gaza
The whole world should stand up for human rights of the people of Gaza

Ayesha Babrak Khel is an Afghan Analyst

Translator: Mohsen Shahrafiee


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